Looking For Commercial tires?

Make your local Central Valley Tire your first stop for all of your commercial vehicle needs—from tires to services to emergency breakdown. Our certified technicians would be happy to help you get your vehicle set up with the best equipment and back on the road as quickly as possible. Turning to your local Central Valley Tire for your tires and service needs will help you reduce your stress, keep you and your team efficient and on the road, and allow you to keep costs low.

Commercial Tires

At Central Valley Tire, you’ll find the complete line up of the best tires, including:

With the multitude of options we have in stock, you’ll be able to find the exact tire design, load, speed or seasonal specifications, and tread pattern to meet the needs of you or your fleet. Our skilled team would be happy to recommend several tires to suit your requirements and budget.

Our tire range includes models specifically for trucks, heavy equipment like mining or forestry vehicles, excavators, material handlers as well as OTR, tractors and all other farm equipment. We also offer premium equipment for passenger buses, vans, and delivery vehicles. Regardless of the terrain, usage or season, your local Central Valley Tire commercial dealership will be able to help you prepare your vehicles for a range of conditions.

    24-hour Roadside service

    Broken down? Don’t fret, we offer 24hr roadside service! Give us a call.

    Discover how Central Valley Tire’s commercial dealers can help you save money and time while providing the highest quality service there is. Contact us today!








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